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Streets – Link and Place

The street is the largest stage in the city, and the most used (Gehl, 1989). “As a Link, a street is for movement and designed for users to pass through as quickly and conveniently as possible, in order to minimise travel time; while as a Place, the street is a destination in its own right,Continue reading “Streets – Link and Place”

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“We gather our Passion to build you an Experience following full Transparency to elevate Well-being in perfect Harmony


We help you discover what your place needs


Together we take a journey exploring our recourse


We fabricate an output exclusively carved for you

WHO we are?

We bring holistic knowledge of Architecture and Planning to create places where communities thrive.

WHAT we do?

Reshaping the way we Experience our City

HOW we work?

WE work with YOU. Collaboration is our primary step in the process we follow.

Sonali Mahamna

Founder at Place Paradigm

“I am an Architect and have a master’s degree in Urban planning from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

As an individual, I have always been intrigued by the community-driven public spaces and have tried exploring elements that bind the place together as a whole. My research and professional work on streets is a product of my fascination towards the idea of friendly Streets, placemaking and tactical urbanism as building block of Cities.
In a quest to utilise my pre-requisite experience, I have started this venture revolving around breathing life into engaging places.
We would love to collaborate with you if we share the love for Places.”

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